Pill Glide

Pill Glide was developed by a pharmacist to help make swallowing tablets and capsules easier for children.

Studies have shown over 50% of people (70% of children / young adults)  have reported issues swallowing tablets and capsules. The most frequent reasons cited were the tablets or capsules being to big, becoming stuck in the throat and having an unpleasant taste or odour.


Pill Glide has been developed to help make swallowing tablets / capsules easier which has proved especially valuable when trying to transition children and adults from liquid preparations to more commonly available tablets or capsules.

Whilst the main aim of Pill Glide is to help with swallowing, it is also recognised that by switching to tablets / capsules there are opportunities to reduce costs, improve compliance (easier for parents / carers to transport) and reduce waste (tablets / capsules generally have a longer shelf life compared to liquid medication)


Pill Glide works by creating a thin, lubricating, flavoured coating around your pills. Just spray two to three times in your mouth, put the pill on your tongue and swallow with a few sips of water.

Pill Glide creates a thin barrier between your tongue and the tablet or capsule, you’ll only taste the flavour you chose; strawberry, orange, peach or grape.


Pill Glide is being used by a number of hospitals, learning and disability centres and care homes to help patients overcome difficulties with swallowing tablets / capsules and to help transition patients from liquid medication to less costly tablets / capsules.

A number of studies have been conducted with paediatric patients and have shown great success in transitioning patients from liquids to tablets, improving compliance and reducing the cost burden to the NHS.

Suggestions for Further Implementation

Whilst Pill Glide was originally developed to assist with swallowing tablets the strong flavouring of the liquid could be used to help mask the taste of liquid medication before administration.

Although a simple concept it has proved successful  for those using it with multiple and wide reaching benefits. We would introduce Pill Glide to hospitals pharmacies much earlier.

Pill Glide has been published and presented at a number of conferences, including most recently NPPG, where a presentation was given by Kerry Gaskell from Bristol Children’s Hospital.

It was registered with MHRA as a Class 1 medical device.


Tool lead: Kerry Hinton, CEO

Organisation: Medicines By Design

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