Glucose Admixture Calculator

The calculation on non-standard glucose concentration e.g. 12.5% or 17.5% presented a problem. These concentrations were very seldom needed, so it was necessary to perform the calculation very rarely, adding to the risk of error.


To simplify the calculation process and develop an accurate robust method, using the principle of alligation.


Data can only be entered into the yellow cells. The desired concentration and volume is entered together with the two starting concentrations. The spreadsheet calculates the volumes of the two starting concentrations to be mixed and also from this admixture recalculates to check the concentration of the resultant solution.


The tool has been used on occasion (as needed), but the need is rare on our unit.

It has eased the process and staff have a tool for checking their calculations when glucose admixtures are needed.

It could be developed for other solutions or drugs as this has shown how helpful the use of readily available programmes (e.g. spreadsheet) to aid calculations can be, especially for those which are unusual, rare or complex.


Project lead: Mike Pettit

Organisation: Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

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