eLearning Course: Introduction to Quality Improvement

The RCPCH has created an eLearning module 'Quality Improvement: How to Make Services Better for You and Your Patients' with the aim of introducing QI methods and tools in a clear and simple fashion, avoiding as much jargon as possible.

By meganpeng · May 8, 2018

An introduction to quality improvement, this eLearning module was authored by Dr Charlotte Clements with editorial input from Dr Yincent Tse and Dr Colin Dunkley. It aims to help you understand what quality improvement is and how it is used in healthcare.

It will show you where to access information regarding quality improvement and what resources are available and will also guide you in initiating a QI project, putting theory into practice. There are practical examples of QI projects throughout in addition to an assessment test at the end and an extensive resources section.

Although the examples in this concise introduction to QI are drawn from paediatrics, the module will be applicable to any interested in QI from any field, from the healthcare world and beyond.

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Watch a short introductory video from Dr Yincent Tse here: