Global QI: AAP-UNICEF Partnership for Improving Newborn Care

A set of web resources presented as part of the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP-UNICEF newborn care tele-mentoring project in 3 countries. 

By meganpeng · November 3, 2020

Funding was awarded by UNICEF to the American Academy of Pediatrics to establish a tele-mentoring framework in Kenya, Tanzania and Pakistan. Needs assessments were conducted on-site, with cooperation from technical experts assigned to each country by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and local UNICEF staff.

The purpose of the AAP-UNICEF project was to provide tele-mentoring on the most up to date newborn care practices in topics of interest identified by partners in Kenya, Tanzania and Pakistan who take care of newborns.

The project’s web pages include all of the recorded, facilitated presentations for Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan audiences for the duration of the project, as well as related resources organized by topic.

Topics are organized within six main categories:

  • Resuscitation
  • Essential Newborn Care
  • Small and Sick Baby
  • Follow-up Care and Prenatal Counselling
  • Quality Improvement
  • COVID-19 and Neonatal Care

Application of these resources are not limited to those who work in the three countries in which the project was focused. This set of resources are available to all in the paediatric community who may be interested in tele-mentoring, newborn care topics, or care settings in low and middle-income countries.

These teaching sessions can be used as singular lectures on topics of interest, or use the entire lecture series as a supplement to your own curriculum of neonatal care. Some of the lectures also have pre and post assessment questions embedded within the video presentations.

Access the resources online here: