NHS National Patient Safety Team: New Resources

The latest resources from the NHS National Patient Safety Team, including case studies and an online workspace sharing information, tools and resources with the NHS’s growing patient safety community.

By meganpeng · March 22, 2022

NHS National Reporting Case Studies

The NHS National Patient Safety Team have published their latest case studies on safety issues identified through the review of patient safety events recorded on a range of sources, including the NHS National Reporting Systems. The case studies show actions taken working with partners to support organisations and staff across the NHS to
address identified risks and protect patients from harm.

These case studies are shared with healthcare professionals to show staff the importance of recording patient safety events in helping to keep patients safe. Find out more about this work and how recording incidents also supports the development of National Patient Safety Alerts here.

Recent case studies in paediatrics:


New Patient Safety FutureNHS workspace

The NHS National Patient Safety Team have also launched a new NHS Patient Safety Workspace on FutureNHS, to share information, tools and resources with the NHS’s growing patient safety community.

The workspace currently has dedicated areas for work programmes such as the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and the Learn from Patient Safety Events Service (LFPSE), as well as frameworks for involving patients in patient safety, safety culture, inequalities in patient safety, and the national patient safety improvement programmes.

They are looking to rapidly expand the content to cover further areas of our work and add additional material to the existing areas. As content grows, the workspace will aim to include tools, templates, reports, podcasts, videos, webinar recordings, and case studies, as well as dedicated discussion forums.

For major programmes, such as PSIRF, FutureNHS will be used more and more to share tools and resources to support providers with local implementation. The NHS Patient Safety workspace is accessible to anyone with a FutureNHS account. If you don’t already have an account, anyone with a / / / email address can self-register, and others can request access via an online form.

Although it is open access on FutureNHS to view the patient safety workspace content, you are encouraged to join as a member so you can download materials and receive notifications. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the patient safety workspace homepage and click ‘join this workspace’. For Patient Safety Specialists the workspace can also be accessed directly through a link that has been created on the existing Patient Safety Specialist FutureNHS workspace.


Watch a recording from the London School of Paediatrics where Nicola Davey from QIClearn introduces patient safety in relation to improvement science below: