QI Blog: October 2019

Dr Megan Peng, Quality Improvement Manager at RCPCH reflects on the journey of QI Collaboratives so far and the paediatrics collaborative community.

By meganpeng · October 3, 2019

Our Collaborative Community

As a paediatric trainee, quality improvement had meant only a small project undertaken independently and time-limited by the change of rotations every 6 months. In later years, as I joined the College team co-ordinating the dissemination and spread of safety huddles through the S.A.F.E programme and the establishment of the Diabetes QI Collaborative, the letters ‘QI’ had begun to embody much more than PDSA cycles, process mapping and driver diagrams alone.

Working with paediatric diabetes teams across England and Wales over the last 2 years through 6 waves of the Diabetes QI Collaborative, it is the spirit and determination of the paediatric workforce that remains with me.

Despite overwhelming pressures and demands, teams have shown the strength of a shared purpose in striving for better outcomes for children and young people and their families. With a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach to QI training and collective learning from each other’s successes and challenges, it is helping to drive the momentum for continuous improvement across the paediatric diabetes network. Over 3 years of the National CYP Diabetes Quality Programme, a total of 12 waves of the Diabetes QI Collaborative will take place with over 90 teams predicted to be involved by 2021. EQIP, a QI collaborative for paediatric epilepsy teams across England and Wales, was also recently launched this summer with their first residential training event taking place in November. The power of a collaborative never felt more resolute!

Dr Megan Peng

Quality Improvement Manager, RCPCH