Healthcare Improvement Scotland: QI Connect Webinar Series

Healthcare Improvement Scotland hosts an exciting programme of regular webinars and podcasts presented by an exceptional global quality improvement faculty.

By meganpeng · April 25, 2022

QI Connect webinars

The QI Connect webinar series was established by Healthcare Improvement Scotland in 2014 at the request of clinicians who asked for an opportunity to learn from international leaders in the field of improvement and innovation. The series regularly teams up with thought leaders in the fields of innovation, improvement and integration to share new ideas and presentations.

Its reach is now global, with healthcare professionals from more than 60 countries and over 1,000 organisations linking in to the regular QI Connect sessions. Eminent speakers to date include Professor Don Berwick, Professor Marshall Ganz, Professor Mary Dixon-Woods, Professor Bob Wachter, Professor Atul Gawande and Professor Trisha Greenhalgh.

From a small test of change at one university in Glasgow, QI Connect now has 88 universities linking in from across the world, bringing clinicians together in virtual classrooms to listen, learn and share. Healthcare professionals can sign-up to join the virtual sessions live, or catch up on-demand with recordings of all webinars available to stream afterwards.

Watch a recording of a webinar led by Professor Mary Dixon-Woods in November 2018, presenting ‘what’s so tough about patient safety?’ below:

Watch more recordings from the QI Connect archive on their YouTube channel here.

Visit the QI Connect website for more information here.

Keep up-to-date with information about QI Connect sessions by following the team on Twitter @ConnectQI or emailing to be added to the mailing list.


QI Connect podcasts

The QI Connect Podcast features recordings from 5 of the previous QI Connect webinar sessions.

The first podcast series features:

  • Maureen Bisognano (President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement) on: ‘Quality Improvement Across Health & Social Care’
  • Professor Bill Lucas (Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning at the University of Winchester) on: ‘Getting the Improvement Habit: Why QI is Not Enough’
  • Dame Elaine Inglesby-Burke (Non-Executive Director of the National Institute of Care and Excellence) on: ‘Nursing: Our Promise to Learn, Our Commitment to Act’
  • Professor Atul Gawande (Assistant Administrator of the US Agency for International Development for Global Health) on: ‘Implementing the Lessons from Being Mortal’

You can access the QI Connect Podcast on SoundcloudSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and iTunes Podcasts.