QI Virtual Symposium: October 6th, 2020

Join us on Tuesday 6th October, 2020 for the virtual RCPCH Conference symposium on quality improvement!

By meganpeng · September 10, 2020

Chaired by Dr Peter Lachman, this free, live online event will feature guest lectures and abstract presentations, with opportunities for delegates to ask questions. It’s an online version of the paediatric sub-specialty symposium that was due to take place at the RCPCH Conference and exhibition in April 2020.

A recording of the event is now available on RCPCH Compass – find out more and login to the platform here.


Tuesday 6th October, 2020

14:00-14:05 Welcome and introductions, Dr Peter Lachman, Chief Executive Officer of the International Society for Quality in Health Care

14:05-14:35 Integrating human factors into paediatric care, Professor Sue Hignett Ph.D., Professor of Healthcare Ergonomics and Patient Safety Loughborough University

14:35-14:45 Using Quality Improvement to improve identification and support of families living in poverty in paediatric practice, Dr H Zhu,  Abstract 248

14:45-14:55 Postnatal management of hypoglycaemia: keeping mothers and babies together, Dr S Mohamed Cassim, Abstract 849

14:55-15:05 Changing the “no change” culture: increasing usefulness of the SCBU ward round, Dr HF Marshall, Abstract 836

15:05-15:20 Comfort break

15:20-15:30 Innovation in paediatrics from primary care, Dr Richard Pratt, GP Lead for Paediatric Care Online, The Three Spires Medical Practice, Truro

15:30–15:40 Reducing length of stay for children with prolonged admissions to hospital, Dr M Butler, Abstract 188

15:40-15:50 Improving BCG vaccination referral of admitted eligible newborn to 98% by July 2019, Dr KJ Jeyasingam, Abstract 629

15:50-16:00 Improving cannulation efficiency in Leeds Children’s Hospital (LCH), Dr A Fonfe, Abstract 395

16:00-16:05 Comfort break

16:05-16:15  Improving discharge summary quality in a greenfield single room quaternary neonatal intensive care unit, Dr A Anbu Chakkarapani, Abstract 168

16:15-16:25 It’s a ‘DRUGGLE’: reducing drug errors and disseminating learning, Dr MK White, Abstract 512

16:25-16.45 The family journey: patient and parent representatives, The Medicines for Children family networks

16:45-17:00  Reflections and concluding remarks, Dr Peter Lachman