RCPCH Annual Conference 2018 QI Stream

Join us for RCPCH Annual Conference 2018 and find out more about the QI events taking place on March 15th.

By meganpeng · May 8, 2018

Thursday March 15th 2018

08:00-08:55 – What’s the hook for becoming involved in Quality Improvement: Dr Daljit Hothi, Great Ormond Street Hospital

10:50-11.55 – Improving at Scale: How Working Collaboratively Can Make a Tangible Different to Patients: Dr Dominique Allwood, the Health Foundation (keynote speaker), Dr Neil Hopper, Dr Leslie Peers, Dr Alice Roueche, Dr Melanie Iles

11:55-15:15 – Quality Improvement Symposia:

Opening keynote: Jennifer Rodgers, Glasgow Children’s Hospital

Abstract presentations:

  • Upload at home: A step towards autonomy for patients with diabetes – Dr Sunil Goyal, ID156
  • Rapid Cycle Audit – Embedding Multidisciplinary Quality Improvement in the Children’s
  • Emergency Department – Dr David James, ID452
  • Improving the quality of paediatric prescribing on a general paediatric ward – Dr Karnika Raja, ID634
  • Get SET for Labour Ward. Optimising temperature management in preterm infants (<32 weeks gestation) – Dr Maria Duggan, ID657
  • Reducing prescribing errors: making electronic prescribing work for our children with cystic fibrosis, with multi-discipline collaboration – Dr Emma Vittery, ID660
  • New models of care for children: testing integrating primary and secondary care clinics – Mr Richard Goodwin, ID685
  • Augmenting the Safety Netting Process & Reducing Unnecessary Re-Presentations – A Quality Improvement Project – Dr Sebastian Gray, ID695
  • Departmental induction less mandatory and more opportunity – Dr Victoria Leith, ID733

Closing keynote: Dr Peter Lachman, Chief Executive Officer, ISQua