SCRIPT eLearning Programme Launched to Help Improve Medicine Safety in Paediatrics

A new online learning resource, the first of its kind that aims to help paediatric prescribers use medicines safety, has been launched at an event hosted by Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

By meganpeng · March 8, 2016

Inspired by the successful Foundation SCRIPT eLearning programme, Paediatric SCRIPT eLearning offers a series of practical training modules to enhance the knowledge of prescribers working in paediatrics.

Authored by trainee doctors, with input from consultants and pharmacists, the 25 modules include the principles of paediatric prescribing, general paediatrics, surgical specialities areas, and therapeutics such as diabetes, neurology and cardiology.

Paediatric SCRIPT is a collaborative project commissioned by Health Education England (West Midlands Team), developed jointly by Birmingham Children’s Hospital, West Midlands School of Paediatrics, the University of Birmingham and OCB Media Ltd. The resource is available at to West Midland Specialist Paediatric and GP trainees, as well as non-medical prescribers working in this setting.

Prescribing for children poses many unique challenges, and errors are common – one study* reported an overall error rate of 13.2%. Paediatricians have to prescribe for lots of different specialties, and must calculate doses according to the child’s age and size.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has identified prescribing as a key area for improving training and competence. In a recent survey of specialist paediatric trainees in the West Midlands, 80% agreed that an online resource would improve their prescribing practice.

Dr Fiona Reynolds, Chief Medical Officer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and member of the Paediatric SCRIPT Editorial Board said:

“We’re extremely excited to have played a part in producing this interactive eLearning resource.

Research has shown medication prescribing errors occur more regularly in paediatrics. The new Paediatric SCRIPT programme has been developed by trainee doctors for trainee doctors, with an expert oversight from consultants on every module, to improve knowledge and confidence in this specialist area.

We certainly think this web-based resource brings many benefits and ultimately, our aim is to see it rolled out across the country.”

For enquiries please contact the SCRIPT Team:


*Ghaleb MA, Barber N, Franklin BD, Wong ICK. The incidence and nature of prescribing and medication administration errors in paediatric inpatients. Archives of Disease in Childhood. 2010;95 (2): 113-8