Spotlight QI: RCPCH National Audit Programmes – NNAP

On 23-27 November 2020, the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) will be celebrating the impact of clinical audit with its annual Clinical Audit Awareness Week.

By meganpeng · November 23, 2020

Clinical Audit Awareness Week is a national campaign to promote and celebrate the benefits and impact of clinical audit and quality improvement work in healthcare. Audit and quality improvement are intertwined, with data and bench-marking an important driver for continuous improvement.

The RCPCH currently oversees three HQIP-commissioned national audit programmes – the National Neonatal Audit Programme (NNAP), the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit and the Epilepsy12 audit.


One in seven babies in the UK need specialist care when they are born. Since 2006, NNAP has aimed to improve care to these babies and assesses whether babies admitted to neonatal units in England, Scotland and Wales receive consistent high-quality care. The audit also identifies areas for quality improvement in relation to the delivery and outcomes of care.

NNAP Online is an online open access tool that displays data from 2014-2019 at a hospital, neonatal network (regional) and national level. It allows the neonatal community and the public to see annual summary reports for an individual neonatal network or neonatal unit, and view and compare the results for specific NNAP audit measures across a number of different units or networks.

Watch a presentation on the latest findings from the 2020 NNAP Annual Report below:

NNAP annual reports also showcase frontline case studies of quality improvement activity, illustrating how participating units have used data to improve patient care, such as:

In collaboration with the British Association of Perinatal Medicine, NNAP have created a suite of QI toolkits that target key measures including normothermia and antenatal optimisation.

Watch a presentation on the perinatal optimisation pathway, featuring the antenatal optimisation QI toolkit from the 2020 NNAP Virtual Presentation below:

Find out more about NNAP on the RCPCH website here.